Recital Week 2017 
No information for the 2017 recital is available yet.  
Recital Weekend 

RECITALs are FREE of Charge and OPEN to the PUBLIC.

This year all RECITALS will be at the PAC at John Hardin High School.

All students are encouraged to participate in the recital experience, but recital is not mandatory. However, if your dancer will be performing in the recital, there are mandatory rehearsals. Classroom instruction will continue until April when the recital material will become the number one priority. If your dance student will NOT be participating in recital, please give written notice to Miss Carol by December 1st 2011 prior to recital or you will be charged for a recital costume. 
Rehearsal CD of Recital Dance 
Each dance class will have a specially choreographed dance for the recital. During the month of February, the dance student/parent is responsible for bringing a BLANK CD so that Miss Carol may make a copy of the dancer's music for the dance student's practice at home. Younger students will receive a typed copy of the dance steps to help with their practice at home. 
Recital Correspondence 
Miss Carol will send home schedules containing the dates, times, and places of all rehearsals in preparations for the recital.


If you have any questions that are not answered on the recital correspondence papers, please make an appointment with Miss Carol (office hours Monday through Thursday 3:00 to 4:00 PM) as soon as possible or call the ADT Secretary at 352-1333. DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL. 
Recital Costume Fee 

(Approximate Cost $65 to $70). Dance students who participate in both tap and ballet will receive a discount on the second costume. Some of the upper level dance students may be asked to rent costumes if available. 
Recital Fees 
There will be a recital fee that will cover such things as theatre rental, scenery, janitorial services, hair supplies, programs, postage, and long distant phone calls concerning costumes. 
Upper Level Extra Rehearsals 
Upper Level Company Dance Students WILL Have EXTRA REHEARSALS for Recital.
You will receive the schedule of EXTRA REHEARSALS when you receive your recital costume sheet in January. Please contact Miss Carol AS SOON AS POSSIBLE about any conflicts you might have with the EXTRA REHEARSAL SCHEDULE! If an emergency should arise, please leave a message on the ADT answering machine.
An Unexcused Rehearsal Absence May Result In Expulsion. 
In the month of November, ADT produces the classical ballet Cinderella. Participation for the ADT production of Cinderella is for upper level dance students and by invitation only. WE produce our Cinderella not only for the public but as an educational tool for the area schools. Those invited to dance in Cinderella WILL be out of school at least 2 days in order to participate in the School Shows. Dancers MUST have a C average in ALL school classes in order to be allowed out of school.

The Performance of Cinderella is FREE of Charge and OPEN to the PUBLIC. 
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