Frequently Asked Questions
What ages can attend Allegro Dance Theatre? 

Generally speaking, children may start classes at the following ages. But please talk with the director, Carol Zagar, if there is any question of your child's readiness for dance class.
  • Ballet at age 4
  • Tap at age 6
  • Modern at age 10 (ballet background is strongly recommended)
  • Jazz at age 10
  • Pointe at age 11 (only if the leg, ankle and foot bones show their major growth is complete, and the dancer's muscular strength is capable of pointe work without injury).
What classes are offered at Allegro Dance Theatre? 

Allegro offers beginning through advanced classes in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Modern, and Musical Theatre. Please visit our Dance page to learn more about schedules and levels offered. 
What do dance classes cost? 

Tuition fees vary depending on the class duration and level (visit the payments link from the Dance page).

There is an additional annual registration fee which covers registration for both the regular schedule and the summer schedule classes.

Your dancer may have costume fees depending on the class and recital participation.

Please visit the payments link from the Dance page for more details. 
What is the studio's schedule? 

Regular classes begin in August and September (depending on the class) and run through the following May.

Summer dance classes are also available mid June to mid July.

A musical theatre camp is offered in June as well.

There is an annual performance of Cinderella in November (the weekend before Thanksgiving), and the annual recital is in May on Memorial Day weekend.

For more details please visit the Schedules link on the Dance page. 
During what hours is the studio open? 

The earliest classes start at 4:00 pm, but class starts and lengths vary from 1/2 hour to 2 hours depending on the content and level. Please visit the Schedule link found on the Dance page for more information. 
What should dancers wear to class? 

Ballet: Female dancers wear a plain leotard with NO tutu, skirt, sequins, or rhinestones. They also need PINK or WHITE FOOTED tights at every class, and PINK or WHITE LEATHER BALLET SLIPPERS. Male dancers should wear black jazz pants or tights, a white t-shirt, and BLACK LEATHER BALLET SLIPPERS.

Tap: Dancers may wear pants that are hemmed so they do NOT touch the floor, so the teacher is able to see what the ankle and the knee are doing. Many dancers taking tap also take ballet, in which case the same leotard and tights may be worn.

Jazz and Musical Theatre: Again, the instructor must be able to observe the student's movement. Jazz pants are to be worn with a leotard, and shorts are to be worn with tights.

Of course there is more information available from the Dance page. 
Where can I find dance supplies? 

Beginning dancers can find tap and ballet (not pointe) shoes at Payless. Wal Mart carries tights and leotards. Some items (tap shoes for example) can be ordered at the studio front desk.

More specialized items can be purchased online or at one of several dance suppliers in Louisville.

Please visit the Dancewear / Supplies link found on our Dance page.
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