Ballet: Levels 1 - 5 
Female dancers are required to wear a PLAIN leotard in the dancer's choice of color. The plain leotard should NOT have a tutu, attached skirt, sequins, rhinestones... The choice of the length of thee sleeve is up to the dancer. All female dancers need PINK or WHITE FOOTED tights at every class -- warm weather or cold weather. All female dancers should have PINK or WHITE LEATHER BALLET SLIPPERS. All of the above items are available at Wal-Mart.

The ballet slippers are available ONLY in the shoe department. Do NOT buy the slippery satin slipper available in the little girl's department at Wal-Mart. They are VERY slippery on our floor and will not be allowed for safety reasons.

Male dancers should wear black jazz pants or tights, a white t-shirt, and BLACK LEATHER BALLET SLIPPERS. 
Upper Level Ballet: Levels 6/7 - Advanced, Variations, Pointe 
The upper level classical ballet classes must adhere to the strict ballet attire code of a leotard, pink or white footed tights (many of the dancers prefer the convertible tights -- those with a reinforced hole in the bottom of the foot for easy access to the toes). ALL FEMALES' HAIR MUST be in a well-secured bun. Shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts are NOT acceptable for these upper level ballet classes. No jewelry -- including hooped earrings. 
Tap: Levels 3 and Up 
Dancewear for tap classes is less strict than for ballet. However, many of the tap classes preceed ballet classes and there is not time for the dancers to change clothes.

Dancers in tap may wear pants that are hemmed so they do NOT touch the floor. Dancers should look neat, and the teacher must be able to see what the ankle and the knee are doing.

Tap shoes in the smaller sizes are available at ADT or at Wal-Mart. The shoes at Wal-Mart are available only in the black patent leathere Mary Jane style.

The older students may purchase their shoes by ordering them at the ADT front desk, or they may order their own through any dancewear distributor. Kinney Dancewear in Louisville is another source (see the list of Louisville stores below). Teachers at ADT prefer the black leather oxford style of tap show rather than the character shoe styte. 
Jazz / Pilates: All levels 
The dancewear for the jazz classes is also not as strict as for ballet. Once again, the teacher must be able to see what the dancer's body is doing so that injury may be prevented. Jazz pants (stretchy nylon pants made without a zipper) are acceptable BUT they must be just to the floor, NOT under the dancer's feet. Jazz pants are to be worn WITH a leotard.

If the dancer chooses to wear shorts, they must be worn with tights (black, suntan, pink, white) underneath -- no bare legs. Leather jazz shoes should be purchased. In the past, these too have been available in smaller sizes at Wal-Mart. Those needing shoes in the larger sizes will need to order them at the ADT from desk, online through a dancewear distributor, or through Kinney Dancewear (see the list of Louisville stores below). We prefer the plain black leather oxford style jazz shoe -- no jazz sneakers as you can NOT turn on our floor in them.

Pilates dancers should be bare foot with no tights or tights open at the foot. All dancers in the Pilates classes will need to buy a Pilates or yoga mat availablee at Wal-Mart. Please put your name on your mat. These may be stored at the studio so you don't need to carry them back and forth each week. 
Musical Theater (see Musical Theater handout) 
Same attire as for jazz class but girls should wear tan character shoes and suntan tights. Boys should wear black leather jazz shoes. 
Some Dancewear Stores in Louisville 
Kinney Dancewear
1864 S. Hurstbourne Parkway
Louisville (502) 499 6262

Vibes Dance and Cheer Supply
12336 A. Shelbyville Rd
Louisville (502) 253 1967

Not Just Dancewear
3702 Lexington Road
Louisville (502) 893 7886 
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