Mission Statement 
Allegro Dance Theatre exists to provide a highly disciplined, classically based professional dance education in the style of the American based ballet companies. (i.e. Cechetti, Russian, French and Royal Ballet.) The structured environment of ADT helps to instill in dancers a love for the dance as well as a knowledge of the art form both in the classroom and on the stage. Dance requires discipline, dedication and commitment. It is an art form and must be respected as such.

ballroom scene Dance should be an enjoyable experience for you and your child. Dancing is not for everyone and should not be forced. Every attempt will be made to help your child progress, learn, and enjoy dancing, so a love of dance can be instilled. If it is not, please make an appointment with Miss Carol so the problem may be worked out. 
Louisville Ballet 
Staff and company members of the Louisville Ballet serve as guest and master teachers for the advanced ballet and pointe classes at Allegro Dance Theatre (ADT). These classes are by invitation only. Advanced ADT students are offered these classes in order to study with another teacher and gain more dance expertise as well as experience. 
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